Wonder Walks

A surprising mix of mindfulness, creative play and meaningful conversation

to help you tap into wonder, inspiration and inner calm.

Make way for wonder(ful)!

We don't need to travel to exotic places to be touched by a sense of wonder and possibility. Even in our familiar environment, or in the middle of a busy city we can find wonder, new ideas, renewed hope and energy...by paying more attention. 

Wonder Walks help you boost your mental and physical wellbeing, inspiration and sense of connection. 

  • Leave your stress and digital world at home and enjoy a range of playful prompts and mindful creative practices. 
  • Discover new perspectives and insights by attuning to your environment, and embodied intelligence.  
  • Awaken your senses and spark your natural creativity!  

Join us! Sundays 13.00-14.30hrs in Amsterdam

Press the pause button

Life races along and typically many of us race along with it, caught up in our To-Do lists, expectations, obligations and plans. This can leave us feeling exhausted, anxious, unsettled, flat or even burned out. 

In Wonder Walks, we hold space for exploring whatever is present in the moment. By slowing down, we create the opportunity to refocus, reconnect and reset.  We empower ourselves to move forward with mental clarity, new ideas and a renewed lust for life. 

Press the pause button and give yourself a well-deserved 'breather'!

Together we:

  • rekindle our inner spark,
  • activate our creativity,
  • calm and clear the mind,
  • connect with ourselves, our surroundings and eachother.

Be inspired

We use our surroundings as a mirror to reflect on life and as a source of new inspiration.

Sundays 13.00-14.30hrs

in Amsterdam

18 euros 

(or 4 walks for 60 euros)

The fee includes art supplies. You are welcome to bring your own supplies or favorite notebook. 

Spaces are limited to 8.

You do not need to be artistic! Simply bring your presence and curiosity.

Click on the link below to receive more details and reserve your spot.

Find belonging, answers and new inspiration 

They Say


"I felt much more present, grounded and peaceful afterwards. It really reset my brain and helped me get unstuck on my project."


"I loved the exercises to connect to your body and open up the flow of creative energy. I've been wanting to draw and get out of my thinking mind. It was just the creative nudge I needed."


"It felt so good to release my inner critic and just enjoy being outdoors, making art inspired by nature. I've never felt free like that before and I loved the conversations! "

Open up to your creative nature

When we slow down and follow our curiosity, we

  • find wonder in the details of our surroundings
  • notice more 
  • reconnect to our inner calm
  • spark new ideas and a sense of purpose.

About Me

Hi! I'm Carmen. Curious and creative. Canadian-born, but rooted in Amsterdam and always keen to explore. Mother of two amazing kids.

My mission is to help you find clarity, new perspectives and connection by tapping into your imagination, your body's wisdom and your natural creative energy.

Mindfulness, somatic awareness and nature connection are central in my coaching and teaching. I am a certified Deep Body Movement® guide.

Creative self-care has helped me live with more pleasure, freedom and purpose. I weave together my curiosity, passion for poetry, nature, dance and art to help you see your life with fresh eyes.