Seeds of Emergence

Are you tired of numbing, playing small, shutting down?

And wanting to feel more alive, present and grounded?

Is there a forgotten dream, or whisper of something that wants to shift in you?

Perhaps you're at a crossroads in your life and want to make a change?

Discover the transformative power of embodied self-discovery and expression

Our familiar ways of being often leave us feeling rushed, disconnected and depleted. Stuck in the same thought patterns and limiting beliefs. Look outside ourselves for answers and guidance, we lose touch with our dreams and life force energy. We push on, putting on a brave face even though it isn't working. 

What if we allowed ourselves to deeply feel? To soften into our body? To trust and listen to our inner voice? To move with confidence and inhabit our life more fully and authentically?

I am excited to offer Deep Body Movement ® & Embodied Art journeys online and in Amsterdam. Join me for an empowering journey of self-discovery and soul expression.  

Move. Dance. Be still. Feel. Notice. Express what is true to you. Imagine and Come Alive! 

Deep Body Movement ® and embodied Art

Deep Body Movement ® is a somatic method for exploring life beyond the confines of our rational mind and conditioned ways of being.

I am certified Deep Body Movement® guide and also intuitive artist. I offer a range of tools to unleash your creativity and imagination in an empowering journey of self-discovery and soul expression. 

An embodied art journey will unlock new insights, clarity and a renewed lust for life. You do not need to be artistic! This is an invitation to rediscover your natural creativity and liberate your expression.

Are you ready to...

SPARK your creativity and bold desires

LIBERATE your soul sparkle and inspired creative expression

EXPERIENCE more inner peace and clarity

RELEASE and TRANSFORM what no longer serves you

CONNECT more deeply with yourself and the web of life

What can I expect?

'Seeds of Emergence' is a 3-part series tailored to you. Each 90minute session will support you towards change in your life through consious movement, art making and observing the natural world. In between sessions you will be given guidance for further deepening and integration. 

In a 90 minute session...

* We start by identifying the theme or transition you would like to explore.

* I guide you in a body scan to find a restful, resourced state and inner clarity. 

* I offer movement prompts and visualisations so that you can explore movement, stillness, breath and presence in your body.

* I help your formulate practical next steps.

* You will create a visual reminder that helps you move forward with more clarity and ease.

They say


Reminded of hope and potential

"Before the session I felt quite flat. A tired heaviness eventually started to lift as Carmen gently guided me to feel and release. Afterwards, I felt invigorated, full of a renewed hope. I was viscerally reminded of the potential of new hope and growth. The session added a real spring in my step. Even two days after, I was able to easily return to the beautiful winter landscape, if I just close my eyes for a moment, I go back there and I have the feelings of resourcefulness and potential in my body."


Deep rest and nourishment

"Finding the deep rest of winter in my body was a revelation. Now, I can consciously choose to enter that resourceful space again and give myself the rest I need. I feel so much more grounded and connected. Carmen created an elaborate detailed experience and evocative journey. "

Connect deeper into your inner world and express it through movement, art making and writing

Many coaching frameworks focus on the congitive mind, ignoring what your body and soul are trying to communicate. 

Through Deep Body movement and embodied art, we access other layers of knowing, move through emotions, open paths for healing and transformation. 

Embodiment practices, art making, guided journaling and reflection will help you find answers, integrate them and make lasting change.

Think of this as planting the seeds of whatever you wish to create in your life or business. 

Reclaim your creative nature 

A guided Deep Body Movement ® practice helps you restore your connection with your inner world and access a more calm and resourced state. From here you'll gain clarity on next steps. We connect with nature within and around us.

Nature shows us how to move through cycles of release and renewal, rest and bloom.

I guide you to use nature's cycles and your body's intelligence as a source of inspiration, clarity and direction.

Not at a distance, through your rational mind, but through letting your body move and offer answers. You will gain clarity on what needs to be released to make space for the new and restore your inner balance, so you can move forward with ease.  

Enter a playground of possibility!

You do not need to be particularly artistic or have any experience in somatic methods. Simply bring your presence and curiosity.

I work in Amsterdam and online. Sessions are tailored to you and can be in English or Dutch. 

Please indicate your interest by clicking on the button below, so we can book a connection call and see if this is a good fit for you.

If you’re on the fence and want to know more, just send me any questions that you have. I'm happy to answer them!

Nurture the spark of what wants to emerge in your life - whether it's a new project, a new way of being, or a new path that isn’t fully clear yet. 

In Amsterdam or Online

A series of 3 sessions, 90 minutes each

170 euros* 

*sessions in Amsterdam include art supplies

Seeds of Emergence will help you:

  • Experience a homecoming to yourself, your purpose and your creative power
  • Release old patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Tap into your imagination
  • Wake up to your potential and possibility
  • Reconnect to your inner calm and authority
  • Strengthen embodied presence and clarity

About Carmen

Hi! I'm Carmen. Curious and creative. Canadian-born, but rooted in Amsterdam and always keen to explore. Mother of two amazing kids.

My mission is to help you find clarity, new perspectives and connection by tapping into your imagination, your body's wisdom and your natural creative energy.

Creative self-care, Deep Body Movement ® and Divine Feminine Archetype work have helped me live with more pleasure, freedom and purpose. 

Mindfulness, somatic awareness and nature connection are central in my coaching and teaching. I am certified by the Deep Body Institute for Embodiment and Transformative Movement.

I weave together my intuition, curiosity, passion for poetry, nature, consicous embodiment and art to help you see your life with fresh eyes and to unleash your creative courage.  

I would be honored to guide you towards clarity on your life's themes and challenges and experience more of your natural creative energy and aliveness.

They say


Intuitive and expressive

"I went into the session with a lot of frustration and feelings of overwhelm. I felt held and safe by Carmen’s clear guidance and soft and calming voice. It was a profound journey that allowed me to express myself and brought me in contact with inner resources and energy that I really needed. I loved the intuitive way of this session and the combination of movement and visual artistic expression. I highly recommend this Deep Body journey with Carmen."


New inspiration and clarity

"I discovered it's not just possible, but also easy to connect to nature in the middle of the city, once we set our intention to do so and let the body lead the way. After the session I felt recharged and noticed a shift in how I experience my body: I am taking up space more effortlessly. I was also able to tap into creative flow and easily complete the outline for a creative project. I created two mindmaps and have more clarity than before on my next steps for the project. I was surpised at the clarity and inspiration that have emerged."

Move in new and forgotten ways

Access the deeper truth, wisdom and desires of your Soul

Come alive and

Ignite your fullest expression