Would you like to tap into ease and inspiration?

Join us for

mindful nature exploration, 

self-expression through art and movement,

gathering insights, 

a colourful shared meal.

Nourish your senses, connect with the natural environment and tap into your creative inner compass.

Spending time in nature has beneficial effects on your mind, body and soul. You don't need to travel to far off destinations to experience this...you can feel it in one of Amsterdam's beautiful parks.

In this 3,5 hour gathering, we will connect to the natural environment, our body and inner landscape and use drawing and painting to harvest insights, find new direction or release what no longer serves us.


Join us



Westerpark, Amsterdam

65 euros - includes a vegetarian lunch and art supplies

This is a group activity limited to 6 people. If you would like to join, click on the button and I'll send you information and payment details.

They Say


" I felt much more present, grounded and peaceful afterwards. It really reset my brain and helped me get unstuck on my project."


" I loved the

exercises to connect to your body and open up the flow of creative energy. I've been wanting to draw and get out of my thinking mind. It was just the creative nudge I needed."


" The retreat was amazing! It felt so good to release my inner critic and just enjoy drawing. I loved the company and the food was delicious! "

Feel nourished, peaceful, present and enlivened

About Me

Hi! I'm Carmen. My mission is to help you find clarity, new perspectives and connection by tapping into your imagination, your body's wisdom and your natural creative energy.

I'm curious, creative and always keen to explore. I am now rooted in Amsterdam with my two amazing kids, but I'm originally from Montréal Canada. I'm also a big fan of community and shared meals. 

As a teenager, I learned to use art as a tool for self-discovery and healing. Later, as I settled into a demanding career and motherhood, I neglected my creative rituals. Over time, that left me feeling directionless, uninspired and exhausted.

Developing creative self-care routines and learning tools to ground in my body, has helped me navigate life's ups and downs and live with more pleasure and purpose. I'm happy to share these tools and be a companion on your self-discovery journey. 

I believe that we need to cultivate a loving connection with our body and natural environment in order to bring sustainable change. Mindfulness and nature connection are central in my coaching and teaching, along with curiosity and a healthy dose of humor.

Would you like fresh inspiration for your life's questions? Let's connect!